Ravi Malla
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DETAIED Experience:

EXPERIENCE 04/2008 – Current  

Senior Project Manager, Shell Global Solutions, The Hague, The Netherlands

As a Senior Program Manager for Shell Global Solution, Mr. Malla has been responsible for managing the Global Solutions’ IT projects listed below:

  • Shell Smart Perform Program :  Shell SmartPerform is development of Microsoft .NET and SharePoint based framework that hosts Internet and SmartClient based applications that offer Remote Monitoring Applications. This  Framework is developed using MOSS 2007, SQL 2005 and MS.NET with SmartClient and Web client visualization. This platform leverages OSIsoft PI AF for master reference data (MRD) and references SQL DB with several external data sources including OSIsoft PI-H. Microsoft SharePoint’s communication and Collaboration features, Microsoft Presence features and OSIsoft Notifications are widely used and well integrated into the solutions offered by this framework. This platform is connected to Shell SmartConnect, Shell ReliSmart and Shell AMP (Asset Monitoring Platform) offering well integrated visualization for monitoring of Rotating Equipment, Electric Motors, Process, Heat Transformers. Reliability features like predictive analysis including what if scenarios are built into this framework. The application gets the limit data from Process Domain using Alarms
  • Shell SmartConnect: This project involves designing a remote monitoring system that gathers data from Data Historians connected to the vibration devices of remote rotating equipments like pressure pumps, compressors, (drivers and driven) etc., then processing through a series of analysis and algorithms and presenting the useful data on a user-friendly MOSS 2007 environment for remote monitoring showing analyzed data in tabular formats, trends using charts etc. This is developed in Micosoft.NET SmartClient architecture using 3rd party tools like Dundas for Charting; K2 for Work Flow and OSISoft for Data Historian. This project is being executed using a multi vendor strategy on a globally distributed development environment.
  • Shell ReliSmart: ReliSmart offers Predictive Analysis and what If scenarios of a remote entity like a chemical plant or an equipment in the plant. This application is built using MS.NET, MOSS 2007 and SmartClient with Thin Client visualization. GNV’s Taro tool is used to run the scenario building, SQL Server is used for data capturing and MOSS and SmartClient are leveraged for the visualization of the data
  • SALSA: Salsa is an innovative 3D modeling tool being developed using .NET architecture on a 3rd party tool called Flexsim. This tool will create models in LNG space for analyzing different scenarios for supply chain management by gathering the train data from different data sources and consolidating it. This solution involves MS.NET, Flexsim, SQL Server 2007 and runs on Windows VISTA platform.
  • IQN: A Vendor Management system development that involves global role out of AP and AR for Shell 3rd party vendors. This application provides functionality like Time writing, PO Generation and Invoicing.
  • Otter: OTTER is an electronic tool that can manage field tasks related to reliability, HSSE, product quality, maintenance and utilities. Those tasks - like monitoring equipment condition, tuning of instruments, reconditioning, mode switching, testing, housekeeping and reporting tasks to plant management - can be executed in a more effective, efficient and timely manner


EXPERIENCE 06/2003 – 03/2008

Senior Practice Manager, Wipro Technologies, Columbus, OH, USA

Wipro is one of the nation’s biggest consulting companies with revenue exceeding over 3 billion USD in the year 2007. As a Sr. Business Development Manager focusing on Oil & Gas and Energy domain sectors, Mr. Malla’s responsibilities included account management, project management and supervision, stake holders management, conducting proactive technology awareness workshops and presentations, presales presentations etc.,. Strategically for Wipro’s product engineering division Mr. Malla’s contributions include identifying the demand and recommending point solutions that involve emerging technologies and ISV software products especially in the areas of Historian Data management, Communication and Collaboration and Unified communication.  Prior to this role, as Microsoft Practice Manager for Wipro’s Microsoft Business Unit, Mr. Malla’s responsibility included maintaining Alliances and ISV relationships, offering presales and post sales support for over 40 major accounts including 5 global accounts where responsibilities include presales and proposal presentations, Account Mapping, Opportunity Tracking, Solution building, Sizing and Effort Estimation, presales consulting, support and prototyping and participating in architectural reviews etc.

As Sr Program Manager and lead architect for Wipro, Mr. Malla executed several multimillion dollar projects for large enterprises and global firms as listed below, successfully delivering quality deliverables as planned to client’s utmost satisfaction there by resulting in substantial ROI:

·         Thomson: A long-term MS .NET based Portfolio Management project involving 80 Thomson developers, 40 onsite Wipro consultants and 120 offshore Wipro consultants that are geographically dispersed. The project involved transition management, knowledge transfer, training and resource planning, portfolio management, technology definition and overall architecture integration, working with 3rd party vendors including Microsoft, ChartFX, CorasWorks etc.,  .NEAT framework development and MS.NET based application development were written in C#  and ASP.NET using SQL Server 2000 as back-end and was integrated with a collaboration portal. This project was carried out on Distributed Agile Methodology using MS Project Central, Thomson Collaboration Portal, MS VISIO, VS.NET and a customized Bug Tracking Tool.

·         Thomson: A short-term Report Generation project for Wachovia Bank involving technologies like J2EE, MS.NET, XML, XML FO and C#. An incumbent vendor failed to deliver this project and client approached Wipro for solution. Wipro accepted very challenging timelines with a condition to acquire knowledge from client side employees and take the development to offshore.  Wipro adopted globally distributed agile methodology, quickly acquiring knowledge thru documentation and arranging client side SMEs to travel to Wipro Offshore Development Centers and conducting knowledge transfer (training) sessions on client specific XML FO and custom templates. This model considerably reduced knowledge transfer time thereby cutting development cost by 40%. This 90 days project was delivered within 65 days time successfully on an onsite-offshore model at 1:3 ratio and exceeded client’s expectations.

·         BP: Management of a long-term Application Rewrite project involving Oracle 10G, SharePoint, MS .NET and BizTalk based solutions for Oil and Gas distribution.  Responsibility also included key stakeholder management for adoption of technologies and vendor management for application framework development.  By adopting RUP methodology on an onsite offshore model, this project was lead successfully with a team of 60-onsite consultant and 120 offshore consultants. Mr. Malla’s responsibilities included conducting architectural reviews and participating in Architectural sessions that involved vendors like Microsoft, Infosys, CorasWorks, nHibernate and business users and key stakeholders. Responsibilities also involved conducting workshops to adopt right toolset, right frameworks and methodologies. Job also involved interacting with enterprise architects and understanding overall IT vision and strategy and adhering to best practices, security norms and other compliance rules.

·         BellSouth: MSOC Tally Tool is JAVA and MS Windows DNA based application that is used for resource allocation, time logging, tracking and work historian data management tool. This tool was developed in using multiple components of legacy VB6 coding without proper documentation or predetermined architecture. The challenge was stakeholder management, business user’s buy-in. Responsibility involved consolidation of requirements by conducting number of workshops on newer technologies and how the business user can benefit from advanced features available by upgrading the existing application. Upon successful completion of the project, the tool was deployed across BellSouth adopting MS.NET and BizTalk as enterprise wide standards. 

·         SHELL: Stakeholder management for a short-term project involving porting of SHELL3D (123DI) application to Windows. This project was successfully executed on an onsite offshore model.

·         Zurich: Conducted workshops involving key Project Directors and convinced them on MS.NET for enterprise strategy. Currently working on consolidation of a Procurement Tracking application

·         Target: Played key role in partnering with Microsoft and convincing key stakeholders on MS.NET based technologies for Target retail Pharma application. Based on Wipro recommendations, Target sign-up for early adapter programs on .net 3.0 and .net 3.5 implementing advanced frameworks and technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Communication Framework (WCF)

·         Medtronics: Negotiated with Microsoft Consulting Services and signed up for Joint Development on this ASP.NET and VB.NET based Heart Rate remote Monitoring System.

·         Nationwide: Conducted Architectural review sessions and recommended IT Business Value for Nationwide insurance Application system. The technologies studied included J2EE, Oracle 11i, Windows DNA, MS.NET and legacy IBM mainframes based underwriter and Customer Management Systems.

Mr. Malla’s role also involved attending technology sessions, boot camps, Architect Forums, Developer Conferences, Alliance Programs, CXO forums etc.,  interacting with Architects, IT Professionals,  CXOs, Vice Presidents, Sales and Marketing Executives there by understanding emerging requirements, defining possible point solutions, creating Proof of Concepts (POCs) etc.

The point solutions Mr. Malla is currently working on are built around OSI PI System, Historian Data Management, Unified Communication, Virtualization (SoftGrid), Microsoft .net, MOSS (SharePoint Portal Server), BizTalk, InfoPath, MOM, TFS, VSTS etc.

EXPERIENCE 01/2003 – 06/2003 Rapidigm Inc., Pittsburg, PA

Sr Business Analyst and Data Architect

Mr. Malla managed a long-term project for a Peoples Bank in Ohio. Primary responsibilities included conducting group sessions involving Directors and key stakeholders and convincing them on the approach for retiring, consolidation and migration of different legacy applications. In the initial stages, Mr. Malla also played DB Architect and Application Integration Architect rolls in designing baseline architecture, database architecture and subsequently integrating MS.NET applications with several legacy applications and on top of Siebel Financial Services application. Tasks assigned to Mr. Malla included application architecture, data analysis, data consolidation, data migration and data cleansing and de-duplication using FirstLogic that was tightly integrated with SIEBEL DQL. To provide a 360 degrees view of the customer, an MS.NET portal was designed having both web client and smart client architectures. This thin client web enabled application consisted of UI and middle tier built on C# with business façade data access layers and SQL Server database replication as backend with legacy data and web service access to data from 3rd party vendors and institutions. The smart client provided terminal interface to previous applications including MS Excel, Access and the legacy applications including Kirchman Bankway and Laser Pro. The database in SQL was synced up nightly from different legacy financial applications including Kirchman Bankway, Laser Pro, Sunguard, Approach, Transcend (CRM) and Applied (Lotus). The data thus extracted is cleansed, de-duplicated and imported in to SIEBEL Financial Services v 7.5.2 using EIM. Also the real-time transactions and data exchanges have been implemented using SIEBEL EAI and Kirchman’s MQ SERIES processes.

EXPERIENCE 6/2000 – 1/2003 KPMG Consulting Costa Mesa, CA

E-Technical Track Lead and Project Manager

KPMG Consulting (Now BearingPoint) is one of the nation’s big 5 consulting companies. In year 2000, Mr. Malla joined KPMG Consulting as E-Technical Track lead for Microsoft Dotcom Practice and the role was to provide presales and post sales support for Oil & Gas, Retail, Manufacturing, Media and Public Sector accounts. Described below are few projects Mr. Malla got involved in as project manager or lead architect:

·         For Regional Income Tax Agency’s Microsoft.NET project, (KPMG, Public Services) Mr. Malla managed $18 Million SIEBEL CRM and MS .NET projects that stretched for 2 years and six months. Responsibilities included stake holder management, requirement analysis, project planning, resource allocation and budgeting, change control and configuration management. Mr. Malla was also involved in presales presentations during board of directors and CXO level meetings, scoping and solution definitions.

·         From technical perspective, Mr. Malla got involved in data modeling and database design, integration of the .NET application with legacy using BizTalk Server, SIEBEL EAI and custom built VB application, integration of Filenet File Server for document sharing etc. Got involved in capacity planning, hardware software procurement, licensing and configuration management. The backup procedure for this project was set on Veritas Netbackup Datacenter

·         • For Regional Income Tax Agency, Mr. Malla also played a roll of Overall Integration Architect. Responsibilities included conducting the requirement gathering, validating Use Cases, Work Flows, class diagrams and sequence diagrams, business objects mapping with SIEBEL objects, customization of SIEBEL 7 installation, planning a road map and perform the overall integration of Legacy and MS.NET applications with SIEBEL call center application, consolidating the requirements by leading SIEBEL EAI team, MS.NET Team and DB2 team. Mr. Malla also played lead architect role in the process of upgrading SIEBEL from SIEBEL 2000 (Ver 6) to SIEBEL 7.04.

·         • Prior to the above project, Mr. Malla was involved in presenting an innovative solution to CIO and Senior Directors of AFI that changed the way they maintain International Movie Database (IMDB). This was originally hosted in UNIX based STAR systems. Mr. Malla’s team convinced AFI to migrate this legacy thick client application to a Microsoft .net based application with SQL Server 2000 as database server. Mr. Malla lead a team of 20 developers in a .NET project and migrated STAR based thick client and AFI database to a web enabled AFI movie catalog. During execution of this project Mr. Malla’s responsibilities included conducting presales and post sales workshops and stakeholder management. Also as hands on DB architect, Mr. Malla’s responsibilities included database modeling and architecture, database migration from STAR database to SQL Server 2000, writing SQL Stored Procedures, triggers, DTS scripts etc., conducting UI development and COM components design etc.

·         Mr. Malla’s main accomplishments in this engagement included meeting with board of directors, CIO and IT Director of American Film Institute representing KPMG consulting and presenting the Idea of Windows 2000 DNA solution. Leading a team of Developers and functional leads, playing Web Architect role and designing the frontend. Playing the Database Architect role and migrated client’s STAR (UNIX) based database to SQL server 2000. Got involved in Active Directory structure planning and deployment.

·         On a short-term project implementing CRM solutions for a client Honeywell (KPMG Microsoft.COM), derived an XML based solution to handle recursive record sets. Mr. Malla worked on white papers for KPMG Consulting on implementing Visual Source Safe over a wide area network. Conducted a survey for KPMG Consulting on available ISVs (Independent Software Vendors of MS based products) created a TEST PLAN and came up with a list of ISVs to be included for different point solutions. Tools included Adobe’s GoLive, Alliar’s Cold Fusion, Vignette, IBM’s Versata, Genstone’s I-Velocity etc.

4/2000 - 6/2000 Magellan Software, Irvine, CA

Solution Architect

Magellan is a hardware and software manufacturing company well known in industry for their GPS system. Mr. Malla joined their company as Solution Architect for a short-term project in evaluating the base line architecture for one of their MS Windows DNA based project developing multiple reusable components and frameworks.

4/1998 - 4/2000 Price Search, Fullerton, CA

Development Lead

Mr. Malla Designed and managed an internet based price comparison search engine project, leading a team of 20 developers and 2 architects. Mr. Malla’s responsibilities included leading the data modeling, design and architecture and development an online portal using Microsoft Development Environment (MS IDE). Responsibilities also included hiring ISPs, leasing data centers and deploying the Web portal. As hands-on developer, Mr. Malla migrated the SQL server 7 databases to Oracle 8i. On Windows 2000 Advanced Server he configured Active Directory, maintaining object-user level security features to resources, Organizational Units and Folders, used ADC in the process of migrating Exchange Server 5.5 to Windows 2000. Making use of DNS hierarchy, deployed AD Tree and Structured Domains using naming conventions for AD Schema.

2/1996 - 3/1998 BSI, Fullerton, CA

Web Architect

Studied and analyzed client requirements based on existing business process and suggested Hardware and Software packages for launching their e-commerce solutions. Played management role interviewing, recruiting and outsourcing skilled programmers, developers and architects. Developed, hosted and maintained their web based e-commerce site. Responsibilities included developing baseline architecture, assigning duties to developers to develop appropriate JAVA scripts (JAVA Beans and EJB), COM and DCOM components and assigning duties to Web architects by making a site plan and giving specific instructions to develop each zone.

DB Designer

On a long-term data warehousing project Mr. Malla managed DBAs and system administrators doing database mining and migration of data from legacy systems to SQL server and then from SQL server to Oracle 7. Responsibilities included DB modeling and architecture. Writing stored procedures, triggers and running SQL scripts in query analyzer for concatenation of certain fields and data cleaning. Interfaced database to the Web Applications and reporting using tools including COGNOS, MS Visual Studio

Application Engineer

Lead a team of 2 DBAs and 7 developers in a project involving Hardware capacity planning, software licensing, software reengineering of online sales application for a PC sales and distribution application. Responsibilities involved troubleshooting IIS Servers, load balancing, Clustering and Load Balancing database servers etc..

07/1995 - 1/1996 AlltimeTV Brea, CA

Technical Director

On a Short-term project, architected an online enterprise that streamed media on Real Audio Video and MS Media Player, using Boris Effects and Minerva’s MPEG 4 video compression. Mr. Malla’s responsibility also included capacity planning and recommending the Hardware and Software specifications, procurement of servers, racking and stacking, configuring Windows NT 4.0 network and deploying Microsoft BackOffice.

02/1992 - 06/1995 Shecom Corporation


Mr. Malla migrated company’s Microsoft Access database to SQL 6.5 and then to Oracle 8. Primary responsibility was database design and Systems Administration. Mr. Malla’s responsibilities also included configuring MS Back office Servers, IIS Servers, and developing a web site. Mr. Malla also helped company in recruiting technical staff and outsourced and delegated the Graphic Art work for Company’s web presence.






4 Years Degree Bachelors of Engineering (Civil)

 Karnataka University, Dharwad, India


Certificate Project Management and Computer Courses

·          MOSS Enterprise Search 2007 (SharePoint)

·         Entrepreneur Development Program by Govt. of India

·          Diploma in Computer Applications

C.M.C, A Govt. Of India Enterprise

·          PDF (Project Delivery Framework)

A project management Certification by SHELL

(PMP – 38 PDUs completed. Working on Exam)

·          SIEBEL Essentials (Finance and Manufacturing )

·          ORACLE Developer 2000,

·          VS.NET Hands on Lab

·          OSISoft Certified PI Historian, PI AF  Database

·          MS Office: Excel, Word, Power Point

Highly Proficient



Activities and Interests


·         Mr. Malla is a prize winning Guitarist and Singer from PES Carnival Mandhya, KS


·         Mr. Malla is actively involved in Indian Association and was Vice President for Sothern California Indian Association


·         Mr. Malla has been member of Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council (BPI PAC).

·         Mr. Malla has conducted Birds of Feather Integration Event in Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003 and  

·         Mr. Malla has been presenter in 2004 New York and Arizona events for “Business Process Management” (BPM) Integration in association with Microsoft Corporation and Gartner.


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